Collection Container with Handle

Manufactured in Australia

Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, they are also durable and do not shatter or break easily.

  • Minimum order: 10 bases and 20 lids.
  • Bases come in white.
  • Standard Lids come in red, blue and white.
  • Quick Drop Lids come in red, blue, pink, orange, yellow black & white.
  • Size is based on a 1 litre container.
  • Total height: 16.5cm
  • Base height: 10.5cm.

These bases are made of heavy duty polypropylene.

The bases are reusable and simple to clean – use warm water and soap.

Labels can be supplied on request. Please ask for a separate quote for labels.

A 3mm pre-moulded hole is located at the base of each handle so you can easily add a wire or chain to attached the base to a benchtop (you can drill a larger hole to suit your security chain).

The ‘Quick Drop’ lid had been originally designed for road side collection, where the motorist or pedestrian simply places the money on the lid, and it will safely slide down into the secure base.

The Standard lid is ideal for countertops and desks or for those who prefer the flat lid style.

These collection containers allow donors to quickly and securely donate to your organisation or fundraising event.

When the container is full, remove the tamper-proof lid from base, empty and replace with a new lid. Bases are reusable. Base and lid may be ordered separately.

Specifications – Assembled Unit

Assembly Instructions – Quick Drop Lid

Assembly Instructions – Standard Lid

Unprinted –

(Minimum Order 20)
10 to 499 $6.75
500 > $4.96

LIDS Quick Drop or Standard

Quick Drop or Standard (Minimum Order 20)
Standard Lid available in white, red or blue
Quick Drop Lid available in red or blue
20 to 199 $1.75
200 > $1.45


(Minimum Order 20)
20 to 49 $5.95
50 to 99 $4.80
100 to 499 $3.75
500 > $2.10
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